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We are the American retail outlet for the world famous DeMask Latex Shop.


ABOUT DeMask Latex

As a pioneer in the field of exclusive fetish wear and high quality latex clothing, the first Demask shop already opened its doors in 1990 in Amsterdam. Right in the middle of the exciting red light district and the heart of the historic city, the shop evolves in a short time as a special attraction which is worth a visit, especially for tourists.

The exclusive designs are manufactured in the tiny workshop in the basement and sold on the first floor of the shop. Demask develops quickly into a unique supplier of high quality fetish wear, especially latex.
The products prove themselves through their versatility and luxury. The Demask products soon become popular in the fetish scene and there is great demand for the stylish items. The Demask label quickly captures a unique place in the Dutch fetish scene and also elsewhere in Europe, including the opening of a store in Munich & Dortmund. It is not long before the humble workshop can’t keep up with the increasing demand of latex products and they move to a larger studio.

Becoming DeMask

On August 1, 2011 two new enthusiastic entrepreneurs take over all Demask activities and become owner. They are The Dutch couple Anton and Louva (the famous French fetish model). They take care of a large number of changes and innovations: Louva starts her classy and colourful latex couture line “a la Parisienne”. In November 2011, they organize an impressive show at Wasteland; one of the longest running and largest fetish events in The Netherlands. They also organize several other spectacular shows at home and abroad; including The SubRosaDictum in Germany in 2012, 2013 and recently in 2014.

Several times they make an appearance in the company of beautiful rubber clad models at openings and exhibitions, book presentations etc. including renowned artists and photographers like Gernot and Peter Czernich.

From that moment on they make sure that the production starts in a large modern new studio in Ostrava (Czech Republic) where one is able to manufacture the clothing and rubber items rapidly. And where continuously new products and designs are produced in a healthy environment with an advanced ventilation system.

In collaboration with Vault Events they decide to put the infamous rubber event Europerve, which had been organized for years by Demask, back on the map; This results in a successful first edition on September 29, 2012, and a second one in 2013. Preparations for a spectacular third edition are already in full swing. Note the date: 11 Oct.2014.

Several publications are made in international fetish magazines like Marquis and Skin Two and nationally renowned magazines such as Nieuwe Revue and Panorama where the Dutch Playboy model Monique Sluyter poses for the annual Pin Up Calendar dressed by Demask.
An interesting little known fact is that Louva and Anton always make an appearance in the Demask performances, and sometimes even the mysterious Rubber Gigi appears…. They are undisputed latex lovers and they treasure the material as well as the scene and the people who are part of it.  With much pleasure they always test their products themselves before they finally take them into production.

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